Pat Kenny,  spoke to Brian Gill, Partner, Callan Tansey Solicitors, 11 April 2017 (10.29am) on The Pat Kenny Show, Newstalk 106.

Part of the Transcript from Pat Kenny talking to Brian Gill:

“In the past few weeks a woman was awarded €20,000 for banging her knee off a table leg that happened to be covered by a table cloth in a hotel. Then a Trainee Dental Nurse, who was called an Effing Skankhole by a Dublin Bus Driver lost a €75,000 damages claim for deformation of character. You wonder what is going on in the compensation culture in Ireland. Are we becoming more litigious overall? Are Judges maybe taking a more precautionary note when they’re dealing with these cases than they did heretofore? Well Brian Gill is a Solicitor with Callan Tansey Solicitors in Sligo, and he’s with me now in studio. Brian good morning. Two interesting different messages from the Courts in those two decisions I mentioned, which got massive publicity”.

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