Callan Tansey Solicitors: Our Purpose

Our lawyers are deeply passionate about what they do which at all times is underpinned by their core values of:

  • Uncompromising commitment
  • Integrity
  • Compassion

Connacht Law Firm of the Year

Connacht Law Firm of the Year

Brian Gill of Callan Tansey Solicitors being presented with the Connacht Provincial Law Firm of the Year Award by Dr. Eamonn Hall at the Law Awards ceremony on Friday 4th May.

Bike to Work

Callan Tansey are participating in the Bike to Work Scheme for their employees.

Bike to Work

Bike to work facilitates thousands of Employers to administer the Cycle To Work Scheme by supplying bikes to Employees through a nationwide network of 250 independent Irish bike shops.

Our strength and diversity helps us to achieve the best for our clients

Connacht Law Firm of the Year, Callan Tansey Solicitors is now the largest law firm in Connacht, North West Ireland, employing over 55 people from its offices in Sligo and Boyle.

Our solicitors offer a full complement of legal advice and legal services for both business and private clients including personal injury claims *, medical negligence * commercial and debt recovery, employment law, business, Wills and estate planning, property and family.

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement

Whether you want to set up a business, sell your house or redress a malpractice, our solicitors have the experience, insight and expertise you need.

Callan Tansey are members of the Law Society of Ireland

Call our experienced team on Sligo 071 916 2032 or Boyle 071 966 2019.

Q 600 Institute of Legal Research & Standards

We are delighted to announce that we have secured the Gold Standard following the recent Risk Management Audit, carried out by Pauline McNamara of the Institute of Legal Research & Standards, (ILRS).

Last year we were awarded the Excel Gold Standard. This was operated by Outsource which was one of the two official accreditation bodies, along with Ann Neary Consulting.

Earlier this year Outsource and Ann Neary Consulting joined forces on the risk management side to establish the Institute of Legal Research & Standards, (ILRS).

The Institute is now the sole accreditation body in Ireland for risk management amongst law firms and thus our Gold Standard award is arguably even more significant.


Areas Of Law: Personal Injury Claims | Medical Negligence | Debt Recovery | Insolvency | Employment Law
Corporate Law | Property | Probate, Wills, Estate Planning | Family Law | Commercial Litigation

Sligo: Law Chambers, 3 Wine St Sligo, Ireland T: +353(0)71 916 2032 F: +353(0)71 916 9115 DX: 5020 Sligo

Boyle: Crescent Hse, Boyle, Co Roscommon, Ireland T: +353(0)71 966 2019 F: +353(0)71 966 2869 DX: 65004 Boyle

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