Medico Legal Conference

with the support of Spinal Injuries Ireland and Acquired Brain Injury

Thursday 20th September 2018

Markree Castle, Collooney, Co. Sligo

Proactive approaches to preventing and minimising the impact of medical negligence situations for patients and the medical profession.

CallanTansey, one of Ireland’s leading medical negligence law firms and previous winner of  Connaught Law Firm of the Year, sees first-hand the devastation and hurt visited upon individuals, families and communities when medical procedures go wrong or a diagnosis is missed or delayed.  We also acknowledge that these events have a devastating effect on the personal and professional lives of the Clinicians and Medical teams involved. The controversy involving cervical screening mis-diagnosis highlights the need for a Duty of Candour. Other ways of approaching clinical negligence cases including the use of Mediation or alternative dispute resolution must be explored.

Can the system be improved for patients and their families and indeed for the medical profession and the State?

Can we find Pathways to Progress?

The conference aims to create collaboration between Clinicians, Hospital Management, Families, Legal Professional and State Stakeholders to minimise the impact of medical negligence. The particular focus of the conference this year from a patient point of view will be on Acquired Brain Injury and Spinal Injury. We will also be hearing the stories of patients, families and survivors. We will also be hearing from leading international medical experts. The legal discussion will focus on ways to improve the system for those involved and potential alternatives to the current adversarial model. Our Keynote Speaker this year is The Honourable Ms. Justice Marie Baker of The Court of Appeal. We are honoured to be joined by Dr. Timothy McDonald, the world’s leading authority on Candour in Medicine.